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Winplay rewards you with more than just having fun, but also real prizes. That’s right! A totally free “match 3” game where your aim is to have the single highest score in a campaign to win prizes. That simple: when a campaign ends, whoever has the highest score in the least time takes the prize. Oh, and you can also win if you’re the first place in a month’s general score. The more you play, the bigger are your chances of winning!

Understanding how it works

Matching 3 gems/rocks of one type generate points;

Use special gems/rocks to earn double points;

When the time is up, special gems/rocks award you bonus and improve your score. Don’t forget to catch them;

Prizes are delivered directly to your home;

New campaigns are frequently added, so make sure to play every day and don’t miss any challenge;

In order to participate you must have access to the internet.



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